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This project aimed to contribute to poverty reduction, to develop and strengthen capacities of NGOs and local authorities, and to develop and encourage co-operation between them.

Specific objectives were:

- to qualify local experts as multipliers (selected from NGOs and local stakeholders); to design and implement a country-wide training programme

- to strengthen the capacity of NGOs and local authorities in their fight against poverty and exclusion; to implement round-tables between civil society representatives and local authorities to develop cooperation between them, and to ensure a lasting impact of the action

- to raise public awareness and enhance public perception through local civil society organisations and local media

- to provide mechanisms for better social reintegration and rehabilitation of women prisoners and ex-prisoners and their children

- to strengthen the work of the pilot Centre for social reintegration of detainees set up by the local partner in 2005 in Chisinau and extend its services for women prisoners, ex-prisoners and their children

- to ensure contact between imprisoned mothers and their children; to offer professional training courses for women ex-prisoners, taking into account both the current and future needs and requirements on the labour market

- to produce specific training and information material (in Romanian and Russian)

- to introduce (and train) quality assurance procedures for organisations active in the social sector

For further information refer to: www.ngo-at-work.org/moldova

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