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The overall aim of the project was to strengthen the social partnership between local authorities and the NGO sector in Kyrgyzstan.

The objectives were to:

  • better be able to meet and solve social problems in the rural areas, by lobbying for the rights and interests of the non-governmental sector
  • develop proposals for improving existing NGO legislation
  • initiate exchange of experience between civil society organisations
  • establish effective social partnerships between NGOs and civil society

The project addressed the problem of grave deficits with regard to the limited knowledge and lack of understanding of the rights to fundamental freedoms and the role and functions of an active civil society.

A special emphasis was put on educating key multipliers (civil society representatives, lecturer, local officials, law enforcement officers, media representatives etc.) of Kyrgyz society.

It was the envisaged goal to empower civil actors with skills, knowledge and know-how, in order to strengthen their capacities and performance and enable them to comply with as well as to advocate for international standards.

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