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The overall objective of this project is to achieve sustainable human livelihoods in rural areas in southern Kyrgyzstan.

We aim to

  1. introduce innovative and sustainable approaches for better long run life of smallholder farmers through identification and sharing of best practices 
  2. introduce innovative and up-to-date low-cost farming and irrigation methods resulting in a higher production rate
  3. strengthen capacities of farmers, to improve their income, and in the long-run to reduce poverty 
  4. increase ecologic stability
  5. decrease conflicts connected with water
  6. increase potential of stakeholders (Water Users Associations/ WUAs, regional administrations), to initiate cooperation between them, share of knowhow and resources
  7. increase productivity of water, cropping power of agricultural plants at the level of the field by means of improvement of intra-farm and field water management
  8. improve irrigation infrastructure

The project will be launched in spring 2014 and last for 24 months.

For further information, please visit the project website ngo-at-work.org/kyrgyzstan.

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