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Working title of the project “Open communities – open media”

Brief description:

The project supported promotion of freedoms and protection of human rights through the formation and maintenance of a free information space, freedom of speech and expression in Kyrgyzstan.

It promoted:

  1. free expression of various opinions on problems in society and public policy through increasing the media literacy of public councils at local and national levels;
  2. fulfilment of the right of access to information and to the activities of accountable state bodies and institutions through a targeted media programme;
  3. improvement of inter-sectoral dialogue promoting free exchange of ideas, opinions, and information to allow members of society to form their own opinions on issues of public importance.

Success stories placed on EUD YouTube channel:

Brief information on key activities:

The project started with an assessment and analysis of the capacity gaps/needs assessment of target groups - right holders and duty-bearers – central and local authorities.

Interaction of local and state bodies with the media in the context of maintaining a free information space, freedom of speech and expression in Kyrgyzstan was supported by organising public platforms in the regions, with the participation of public councils, civil society activists and government officials and journalists.

To interest and involve media experts in the project, local and national competitions for journalists and public councils were organised.

Live broadcasts with the participation of the Ombudsman, legal specialists and other experts were organised with the aim that appeals of citizens on infringement upon their rights and injustice could be promptly responded and legal advice provided.

The project provided mini-grants to Public Councils working in partnership with media (country-wide), training manuals, guides on human rights protection for vulnerable groups, information brochures, videos, reels and other publications produced in Kyrgyz and Russian languages.

Main project results include:

  1. Over 500 members of Small Public Councils (in regions) and activists from all oblasts, participated in 35 meetings, and collected 51adopted decisions.
  2. Over 200 journalists from different types of media (online, print, TV/radio etc.) strengthened their capacity in forming quality news from regional and open data, digital literacy in the context of pandemic, social media and human rights, effective interaction between NGOs and the media, and in understanding the concept of discrimination, it forms and types, how to identify and distinguish between direct and indirect discrimination, and the concepts such as stereotype, prejudice, and stigma.
  3. The project organised 26 live broadcasts with participation of the Ombudsman and legal specialists, prepared 28 special reports from Kyrgyz regions, placed on public television and radio broadcasting channels, placed 15 Ombudsman plots on TV channels, conducted 2 competitions for journalists and public councils at national level, implemented 8 mini-grant (covering all regions of the country) to achieve intersectoral partnerships and to encourage local activists to promote and protect human rights, especially freedom of speech and expression.
  4. To reach as many as possible interested citizens, the project shared news and information through the partners’ websites, created pages in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, to which all citizens could actively contribute, or find up-to date information (over 500.000 reaches).

Duration: 01/11/2019 – 31/12/2021 (26 months)

Location/s: Kyrgyzstan (country-wide)

Implementing Partners: Resource Center for Elderly (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), Generation 21 (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), Gustav-Stresemann-Institut (Bonn, Germany) and Pro NGO! e. V. (Koeln, Germany)

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