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The project was implemented by Naturefriends International (Vienna, Austria) in partnership with ProNGO! (Germany), and 2 Kyrgyz non-profit organisations, the Center of Corporate Technologies and "Daairy” (Coordinating and Marketing Center for handicrafts).

Duration of the Project:
from 01 March 2013 to 01 March 2015

Place of implementation:
Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Talas, Osh oblasts and Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

The project goal was to support the population of Kyrgyzstan in poverty reduction through tourism development in rural areas.

Main objectives included:

  1. Creation of 6 training and informational centers based on rural craft cooperatives;
  2. Training of rural population in basis of product development, management, marketing and quality monitoring of services tourism industry, as well as production of tourist products, receiving skills on improving of communications;
  3. Training of women, rural youth and local societies in order to obtain skills and knowledge on organising training and consulting activity in tourism development;
  4. Development of training methodologies on tourism and youth activity, and training of multipliers;
  5. Inclusion of youth volunteers in tourism to increase their practical experience on protection of local environment.

Main results achieved:

  1. local population, especially women, obtained an additional income and new jobs;
  2. increased income of local societies and local population;
  3. new small and micro enterprises registered;
  4. cooperation between local authorities, training institutions and local business developed and strengthened;
  5. educational services of rural craft cooperatives improved through introduction of new training methods.
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